Outfit of the Day

We've had some showers lately and a few cool nights, so I decided to show another jean outfit. This time, though, I'm sharing advice for those clingy tops and bulky zipper jeans.

I love my Old Navy skinny jeans, but with jeans, I always run into the issue of zippers and snaps being bulky when wearing some tops. In the following outfit, I'm wearing my Chico's white shell. The shell is meant to be clingy to wear under other tops. I bought mine a size larger, so I could wear it alone on hot days. That means the length is longer. What to do with that clingy material over zippers and snaps?

Here's a trick. Take the edge of the shell and tuck it into the jean's waistband. You only need to do this in the front of the pants. I actually tucked mine into the right of the snap area. Then fold the top down. This will create an uneven edge for the shell. I have a better picture, but let's first talk about the simple Outfit of the Day.

A light washed skinny jean looks great with a white top. I complemented the jeans with a bright coral jacket from Christopher and Banks. I then added a fun peach and blue necklace. I finished off the outfit with my nude shoes.

I also popped up the collar for more color around my face.

Now back to the uneven tuck. I realized the jacket hid what I was really trying to do, so here's another picture to show you how tucking the shirt creates an uneven edge. Why do this? If I pulled the top straight down, the bulkiness of the zipper would show and make me look larger. The uneven edge hides the zipper bulge.

Here's a close up pic using darker jeans and a turquoise shell.

I didn't expose the waistband as some half tucks do. The purpose is to hide the waistband and create the uneven edge drawing the eyes away from my waist.

So if your tops are straight, you can fold them and tuck them to create uneven looks. Be creative and see what you can do! 

Have a wonderful day. I hope it's filled with joy and creativity.


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