Outfit of the Day

I had to share this outfit of the day. It all started with my new duster that is now on Etsy. It's 100% viscose and so soft. The colors are brilliant orange, yellow and brown with a touch of pink. I love this duster! You can see it here on my Etsy site, Polly's From the Heart.

I decided to wear white, so the kimono or duster stands out. I started with my white capri jeans I've had for years. I added my Chico's white shell. Because the jeans have a zipper and buckle, I gathered up my Chico top instead of wearing it straight down. This hides all the bumps from zippers, pockets, and snaps.

I added a colorful brown and gold long chain, which is hard to see in the picture, but it complements the colors in the duster.

Instead of white sandals, I went with a golden pair and topped everything off with my tan hat. The only thing missing is my orange purse. Yes, I have an orange purse! A tan purse would work, as well.

Can you wear these warm colors, if you look best in cool colors? The answer is yes. I wore a bright white shell. If I had chosen a brown or cream shell, it wouldn't work for me. Just add some cool colors near your face. Bright jewelry or scarves work, too.

I hope you like the outfit. It's fun to create and more fun to wear. Enjoy the day, and please share my posts :)


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