Outfit of the Day

Don't you just love summer and warm weather? This Memorial Day weekend, you will see more people wearing sunglasses and wide brim hats. Of course, here in Florida, it's much more evident year round.

So I decided today to share an outfit that fits the bill for a wide brim hat. And, the kimono or duster is a new item in my Etsy shop, so I get to show it off.

My kimono or duster is a lovely dusty silver blue with silver threads woven into the material. The top of the duster is a lovely pattern in a soft white. The bottom has a soft fringe. Pairing it was easy. I wanted to keep the soft look, so I went with white jeans and a white shell. The wide brim hat just made sense.

If you look closely, I added two necklaces, both a soft blue. The long necklace has white pearl-like disks, as well. I decided to sew on an embroidered patch to the right side of the duster. Embroidery is popular, and this white embroidery worked beautifully with the soft blue material.

I opted for simple sandals, but I certainly could have worn a block heel. Instead of white jeans, I could have worn flowy linen pants.

And, if I had wanted a more dramatic look, I could have worn black pants, a black shell and a black hat. The dusty blue would have contrasted well.

I like to start with a basic, such as white or black. From there, I can easily build an outfit. That's what's fun, creating from a blank page.

You can see my duster here at Polly's From the Heart, my Etsy site.

Enjoy your weekend. I hope it's full of sunshine.

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