Dressing to Look Thinner

Does dressing to look thinner mean wearing only black or dark colors as in the picture above? Absolutely not. There are lots of tricks of the trade to help you look taller, and therefore, thinner.

We all know that gravity affects us as we age, but so doesn't weight. Some are fortunate and stay the same size their whole life, and some are really good about going to the gym to maintain their figure. But for the rest of us, it's a reality; we are heavier and not as shapely. Time to learn some tricks to make us look fabulous.

Let's begin with our shorts, crops, and pants. I've starting collecting bottoms that have a large band and no snaps or zippers. Most of these pants are from Chico's, but I've also found them in other stores such as Belk's. The material has a slight stretch, allowing me to wear a size that fits my legs, hips and waist. I can wear most any top and not have zippers, pockets and snaps adding to the bulk. To top it off, the wide band holds in my midriff area.

In this picture, I'm wearing a pair of slip on pants with a wide band. Chico's has a wonderful selection of Brigette ankle pants and crops. You can see them here. They often go on sale, but also check other  stores. This style of pants is becoming popular, even in jeans.

Think long and lean. Wear long tops under jackets and cardigans, and keep your jacket open. This creates a long, lean look. You can also add long necklaces to emphasize the look, as well.

Think asymmetrical. Asymmetrical tops give the appearance of length. In the picture below, I'm wearing shorts, but the top gives me length. If I had worn navy blue shoes, I would have created a longer look, which brings me to the next suggestion.

Matching your shoes to your slacks will give you a continuance of color, making you look taller, and therefore, thinner.

In the picture above, I chose to wear black shoes to extend the pants; therefore, I look taller and leaner. I also kept the jacket open, so the black top carried through to my black slacks and shoes. It's not the color that makes this work; it's the concept of carrying the color from top to bottom.

Avoid a top that is really long and has a straight lined hem. You're ok if you don't go below the crotch. A straight line any longer will chop off your legs making you look short. That's why I love tops that flare out. If you wear a real long straight hemmed top, consider a shorter jacket. The same is in reverse. Wear a long jacket with a shorter top. You will notice that none of my tops pictured here go beyond the crotch unless they are asymmetrical or flare out.

Two more thoughts: Vertical stripes are your friend, as well as 3/4 length sleeves.

Have a wonderful day! Think long and lean!


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