Denim on Denim

I noticed that parts of the United States have experienced some wind conditions and cooler weather lately. So is true in Florida. A few nights ago temps dipped into the low 60s, and in some areas, the 50s. Today is slowly warming up, but recently it never went above the 70s. For a Floridian, that's cool weather.

When it's cool, I reach for my denim. Perhaps I love denim because it was part of my generation growing up. As a teen, I was wearing the wide leg denim that dragged on the ground. The more you could destroy the hem, the better.

Fashion today, revels in all types of denim including wearing denim on the top and bottom. The key to wearing denim on denim is to keep them different. The denim can be different colors or it can be two shades of blue.

In the picture above, I'm wearing a Coldwater Creek dark denim jacket. I added a white shell and my silk scarf. My jeans are Old Navy in a light wash. I can wear the two denims together because I wore two different shades. Otherwise, I would look like I was wearing a denim suit!

In the picture above, I chose a washed out denim vest. Again, I have on a white shell. I do love white with denim! To change it up, I added a long blue and white scarf. You probably can't see it, but the scarf has tassels for a fun look. My jeans are my dark wash Girlfriend ankle jeans from Chico's. For another fun addition, I have on a large shell necklace. A light wash and dark wash denim works well together.

Sometimes, I pair my white denim jacket with my jeans. I like the combination, especially during the spring and summer season.

If you wish to wear a denim shirt with your jeans, the best look is to make sure the shades are different, as well. You can wear a bright blue denim shirt with a washed out jean or a white jean. In reverse, try a light denim shirt with a dark washed jean.

Enjoy your day, and try mixing up some denim!

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