Cuffing Jeans

I love all the ways you can wear jeans, especially all the ways you can cuff your jeans for different looks. Today, I'll show you three ways I like. Many more possibilities exist.

Let's begin with the skinny jean.

Charlie decided to join me for this picture. I'm wearing my faithful Old Navy skinny jeans. Because they are so slim, rolling them to make a cuff has to be narrow roll. Start with an inch or less, turn once, even out with your thumbs, and then turn again. That's it. You have a nice one inch cuff on your skinny jeans. BTW, the satchel is a birthday gift from my sister. It's from Kohl's and I love it! You can see similar ones here.

Now, the straight leg jean.

These are my Chico's Girlfriend ankle jeans. Because they are slightly larger in the leg, you can create a larger cuff. Try a two inch cuff. Same idea as the skinny cuff, just fold the jean, even out, and then fold again. You now have a nice cuff that turns your jean into a crop length.

Boot cut jeans.

The boot cut jean is wider at the bottom, so try a single cuff that is 3-4 inches wide. If you're wearing heels or a block heel, make sure the jeans land at the top of the high point on the shoe. If you're wearing flats, the cuff will be above the ankle. I didn't press the cuff, but for a cleaner look, you may want to iron it. If not, take the time to finger press the cuff.

Another popular fold for your jeans is to actually roll the jeans instead of making a clean fold. You may roll them up 2-3 times or more.  This is great for wider legs because you can twist the extra material and create a fun roll instead of a cuffed look.

That's what is so great about all the jean styles today. From the skinny jean to the boot cut and beyond, cuffing your jeans is just another way to create more looks.

Have a wonderful and creative day. Maybe it will be cool enough for jeans :)


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