Birthday Gifts

My birthday fell on Mother's Day this year, and it was day filled with joy. It started with flowers from Jack and my boys, then a family chicken barbeque with lots of laughs, cake, and ice cream.

Not only did my family surprise me with gifts, but I had also received a birthday gift certificate from Chico's. I waited for a sale on their sale and then purchased a great staple item. It arrived the other day.

The item is from the Zenergy line, and is a navy blue, open-front jacket. I love this jacket. Not only is it my favorite color, it's a casual look with classy details.

The flowy drape gives it a dressier look, but this jacket also has a hood! It's a perfect example of casual meets dressy. In the picture above, I went with a dressy black top but kept casual with the jeans.

In these pics, I wore white jeans, striped tee and blue sandals. It's a versatile and fun jacket. This open faced jacket even has a band on the back for added interest. You can see it here.

A little hunting and you can find pieces that have extra detail, and you don't have to break the bank.

I love hunting for items that are interesting, different, yet functional. Who wants to buy a fabulous piece just to have it sit in your closet?

Enjoy this Sunday after Mother's Day, and I hope it's filled with gifts of joy.


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