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My Lulu loves to play outside, but the day she wanted to go out, I was getting ready to go to the Belk's door buster sale. She would have to wait until I returned. Belk's Department Store is a southern store for the southern lifestyle. You can buy online, if you are not near one of the stores. Check it out here.

I've learned to shop better now than in the past. I used to buy items on sale just because they were a bargain. I'd end up with clothes that didn't match or didn't fit my lifestyle. I've improved, and now I shop for my colors, the clothes' function, and what I can match with what I own.

My results, at the door buster sale, were items in navy blue, white and black. I even bought a pair of navy sandals. Navy is one of the best colors for me. The reason is simple. I have dark blue eyes. You can never go wrong, if you buy an item in the color of your eyes.

Here are the navy blue pieces I bought: a top, pants, and shoes.

What works in my choices: The navy blue color brings out my eyes and brightens my skin tone. The pants are slim fit which is good for me because it makes me look thinner, and the navy print is a nice change from solids. These pants, also, are pull on with the wide band for the waist, no zippers are buttons to add bulk. The navy blue shoes, paired with the navy print pants, help lengthen my legs. I also have a number of items I can wear with the top, ankle pants, and shoes.

What doesn't work as well as I'd like: the top is sleeveless. I rarely wear sleeveless without a jacket. Three quarter length sleeves are best for me to hide my arms, and give the illusion of height. I like the top, though, because it flares out disguising my waist area. If I'm uncomfortable, I'll toss on a light jacket. But if it's a hot day, the top will feel wonderful.

Choosing your best colors can be daunting. I have mentioned that we're either cool or warm when it comes to color. I'm cool because my veins are blue, and my skin has a pink undertone. If you're warm, your veins are more greenish, and your skin has a golden undertone.

But you can never go wrong, if you match your outfit to your eye color. 

Study your eyes to see the exact shade. For example, I have dark blue eyes, but my sister has light, dusty blue eyes. If I wear a light, dusty blue, it washes me out.

Then, look in your closet for a top that contains your eyes' true color. Try it on and take a look at yourself. You'll discover that the color works for you. It will brighten your face, even if you're not wearing makeup :)

Does this mean other colors do not look good on us? Heavens no. I'd be bored, if I only wore dark blues. Matching your eye color is just a starting point. Your skin tone and hair color play a role as well. But matching your eyes is always a safe choice. 

Have a great day, and explore your closet! You'll be surprised what you may discover.

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