Weekend Outfit

Don't you just love the weekend? If you're working weekdays, it means time to relax with comfy clothes. If you're retired, it means another day similar to yesterday.

The best part of retirement for me was finally having the mornings to enjoy coffee and plan my day. I even schedule appointments for the afternoon, so my morning is not interrupted. This is my time to answer emails, update my Etsy site, write a blog post, and enjoy that first sip of coffee. Of course my pups have to go outside for morning duties, too.

I have been busy this week, though. I did some shopping and found some great scarves I'm restyling into ruanas and kimonos. The first one is done and is ready to premiere right here.

This scarf worked into a wonderful kimono or duster. It wasn't quite wide enough for a ruana. The material is rayon and cotton, heavy enough to work as a layered piece for the spring.

I'm wearing it with a long sleeve top and jeans. It was actually 60 degrees when I took this pic. Accessories include a black purse, a black scarf, and a pair of sketchers in the ballet style. My iconic hat and sunglasses finish off the look. You can see the kimono here. I kept the price reasonable, $25. I try to create fashionable pieces at prices that are within touch with the real world.

Because the spring temperatures vary, a layered look works. It's the weekend, so we all love our jeans. Toss a shawl, poncho, or kimono style coat over the jeans, and you'll be warm until the sun heats up the day.

This coming week I'll be working on the other scarves I bought. One will most likely be a ruana, my favorite layered article for spring and fall. And if you live in the South, ruanas work for winter, too.

I hope your weekend is great, and you have time to enjoy the best part of the day, morning.

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