The Vest Scarf

Recently we had our pool resurfaced and added pavers. The result is more than we could have imagined.

Now, with warmer weather arriving, I can't wait for my first swim in our pool. It's amazing how much you miss something when you can't use it. But I won't complain! I love the warmer weather, even here in Florida. However, it means rethinking what I wear when I'm out and about. I've found the vest scarf is a great option.

The vest scarf is simply a cascading vest, sometimes made from actual scarves or light material. I've just added one to my shop. This vest scarf is made from a light polyester material, perfect for hot weather.  

In these pictures I'm actually wearing jeans or capris with a long sleeve shirt. But the scarf vest is also perfect to wear with shorts and a sleeveless shell or tank top. It's light, airy style gives you a little cover, if you wish to hide your bottom or your bust line. It also has a slimming effect because of the long draping.

If you haven't tried one on or tested the water, check out your local stores. Sometimes they are located near the hats and purses. You'll discover that most of them are one size fits all. You can see mine on the Etsy shop, here.

Trying new ideas is good for our souls.

Enjoy your day and I hope the sun is shining!

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