The Spring Poncho

Birds, flowers and warm sun on your face are all part of the glories of spring. When I lived up North, I loved opening the windows and refreshing my house with some spring air. I couldn't wait for the daffodils to bloom, robins to arrive, and taking long walks in the sunshine.

 My new spring poncho is a breath of spring air. It is pink, blue and even a touch of turquoise in flowing swirls. Made of a light polyester, it's perfect for a spring coat or cover up.

In these pictures, I decided to go casual with the poncho. I'm wearing Old Navy jeans, a white long sleeve tee, and ballet skimmers. I topped off the look with a pink purse trimmed in black. It's a simple look that can take you through the day.

As you can see, it can be worn to the side for an asymmetrical look or straight down. You can see the spring poncho on my Etsy site, here.

The poncho is a versatile accessory that works year round. Heavier ponchos can replace a coat in winter or keep you warm on a cool fall day.

But, there is also light ponchos to carry you through the spring months and cool summer evenings. Not only can you wear them with jeans, light ponchos are perfect for a dress.

You can see this poncho here.

I hope you have a great day and breathe in that wonderful spring air!

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