The Moto Jacket

Remember the motorcycle jacket that came in black leather with lots of zippers and buckles? Most people wore them on their bikes or with a pair of jeans. In fact, I have a leather motorcycle jacket for the Harley. Unfortunately, I rarely wear it because it's just too warm in Florida.

The leather motorcycle jacket is still popular, but now many women are wearing it with dresses, skirts and dress slacks, as well as jeans.  However, today we have more choices in color and fabric, and it has a new name, moto jacket. 

A while back I purchased a moto jacket from Chico's. This was an investment piece like a pair of leather boots or a nice trench coat. The cream colored jacket is cotton/polyester and lined. It also has imitation leather trim. I wear my moto jacket as I would my denim jacket, with jeans, dress slacks and even dresses.

When I first bought the jacket, I couldn't figure out how to wear it. The jacket is short and I have a thick waist. If I tucked in my shirt, the jacket would hit on my waistline and make me look wide. I learned to wear a loose top that flows below the jacket.

Notice that the shell falls just below my tummy and is loose.

I also found that my moto jacket works well with dresses.

Ladies, we all can wear a moto jacket. It doesn't matter if we are large or small; young or older. If you have a thick waist, wear a longer top and keep the jacket open to create a long lean line. If you're fortunate to have a small waist, zip up that jacket and show off your whittled waist :)

Now is a great time to buy a moto jacket. The weather is getting warmer, so moto jackets will be on sale. You may have to put it away for the summer, but what fun to wear when fall arrives.

Have a wonderful day, and remember, dress the way you feel the most comfortable. My ideas may not work for you. But, I truly believe that we are at an age when trying something different is okay. Go for it!

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