The Tropical Dress

If you've been on a cruise or visited an island resort, you may have purchased a tropical dress, shift, or tank dress. Some may call it a muumuu, but I prefer to call it a tropical shift. Perhaps, you needed a cover up for your swimsuit, or you fell in love with the colorful material. The island dress or shift is great for hot days on the ship or strolling through the local shops when in port. You can find the dresses on the mainland, too. In Florida, these shifts are for sale in the grocery store!

After your vacation, do you find that the colorful shift is placed in your closet where it's soon forgotten? After all, where will you wear it? Or perhaps, you washed it and tossed it in the dryer. Many of these dresses are made of rayon or cotton, and oops, they tend to shrink.

As you can see, my tropical shift is loose and pretty much shapeless. I bought it in the Cayman Islands, and it was perfect for the cruise ship. But I'm ready to take it beyond my pool area. You can, too! The fleeting memories of surf, sand, and sun can come alive again with the tropical shift and a few accessories.

Let's begin with a wide belt. A wide belt will cinch in the material and create a look you can wear out to lunch, shopping, and even for casual gatherings.

I added a wide belt and also a necklace to enhance the blue in the dress. I kept it casual with sandals. I chose a silver belt because I'm adding a white jean jacket.

Now, I'm ready to wear my island dress to lunch or a day shopping.

Things to remember: 

The island shift is usually a gauze material and somewhat see-through. Wear nude colored underwear and perhaps a slip.

Bring out the colors with bold jewelry that matches a color in the dress.

Keep it casual. Wear sandals or flats.

Have a great day, and if you get a chance, dig through your closet for some of those tropical prints. Add some accessories, and you may have a whole new look!

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