The Classic White Shirt

If there's one item that is a must for your closet, it's the white shirt. You can wear a white shirt virtually with anything. I own 4 or 5, at least. Some I have owned for more than 10 years. I wear them often, even here in the South with the heat.

My recent purchase is a crisp, white shirt from the Chico's Outlet in Ocala. I don't have a link because they just opened the shop.

You've seen me wear this shirt before. Today, I want to showcase it buttoned up with a pair of jeans. Notice that I popped the collar for an added classic touch. I usually size up with my white shirts unless I need a tailored look to wear under a blazer. It allows me to wear the shirt as a cover up, as well.

And here it is tucked in. I added red for a splash of color.

Remember the big shirts? Well, I have a LL Bean (the Maine store) white, classic shirt that I have owed for more than 10 years. I would never part with it.

I love this shirt to wear as a cover up. In this picture, I paired it with a white shell. I rolled up the sleeves for a casual look and chose jeans. I also added a bold white pendant necklace.

A recent purchase from Chico's is a slightly different white shirt. It has a wonderful lace trim and a tie to create a blouson look, if you wish. I do not believe this shirt is available anymore. I always watch for sales when shopping Chico's, so it may be sold out.

I paired this shirt with black pants and a colorful scarf. BTW, the scarf is a recent purchase that will soon become a scarf vest. When it goes on Etsy, I'll let you know.

I have shown you this look before. It's a black scarf with a white shirt. Can't beat the look! So classic!

This white shirt is old! It's a more fitted style that I love to wear under blazers. The scarf is from my shop. You can see it here. I love this scarf because it's a great sarong, as well. Good for a cruise.

Other possibilities for white shirts:

Tuck in the shirt with a black pencil skirt or slim black and white print skirt. Add a large belt and a great purse. You can't beat the power of black and white. This is a nice business look.

Wear your white shirt under a vest or sweater. Add a square, silk scarf for added pop. 

Consider sleeveless white shirts for warm weather. It's a polished look and cool for the summer.

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