Tea Anyone?

My Outfit of the Day is perfectly themed for a tea date with the ladies. I've even included a hat for the occasion.

A year ago, I had a delightful lunch with the neighborhood ladies. We gathered at a local tea house for a variety of sandwiches, desserts, and of course, tea. Tea houses are popular in Florida. Some places even have hats you can wear, if you didn't bring one of your own.

It's a wonderful time of pretending you're living in a time of flowing dresses, hats and white gloves. Well, my outfit of the day is definitely an outfit that fits the bill for a lovely tea brunch or a summer event such as a graduation or wedding. It's not a dress and there's no gloves, but the light, summery material has a feminine edge.

I started with my white basics, a white shell top and white rayon slacks. Both are items from Chico's. The shell is from the outlet, and the pants are from the Traveler's collection. The pants are rayon and are lined, but not in the least bit hot for a warm day. My shoes are Life Stride. I bought them at Belk's. I love the beige color because I can wear them with any color including white.

The kimono or scarf vest is from my Etsy shop. It's hard to see, but it has beads that trim the neck area. My sister hand sewed the beads. You can see the kimono here. The hat is one I've had for some time, and of course, I always wear sunglasses outside.

As you can see, I kept with subdued colors to create almost a monochromatic look. Because the kimono is brown and cream, I chose to wear a white shell. Too much brown or tan does not look good on me since I have a light complexion.

Here is a picture of the whole outfit. The color on the bedspread does not help, but it will give you an idea of the look.

Dressing up is fun and gives us an air of confidence when we look our best. It doesn't have to be a dress or high heels. Simply creating a look will make us feel good about ourselves.

I hope your day is great, and if you have a chance, invite some friends for tea, coffee, or even dessert. It's fun!

Please share my posts. I hope to expand my traffic and reach more people. I try to keep the entries light, and though many are about looking our best, I do speak to our emotional and health needs, as well.


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