Striped Shirt Outfit

My Charlie is ready to go out and play. Before we do, I've got to make sure he has his sunblock. Just kidding, but I guess sunblock for dogs does exist.

 Isn't it fun to go out and play? Perhaps, you like to shop or want to visit a local eatery. I'm sure some of you love digging in the garden, as well. I used to garden, but my back wouldn't have anything to do with it.

So I settle for quieter activities such as shopping and eating. Since Florida is mostly a laidback lifestyle, you'll see lots of casual outfits along with the linen pants and jackets wherever you go. And that's fine with me because I love casual.

One of my casual outfits includes wearing striped tops and striped shirts. Yep, the playful stripes are super popular right now, but I'd wear them anyways. I love blue and white stripes, black and white stripes, as well as red and white stripes. Stripes create a clean line that will sharpen any outfit, and unless the stripes are really wide, you won't look fat, a myth we grew up believing.

In this pic, I'm wearing utility pants, Sketcher walkers, a white jean jacket and a Chico's black and white striped top. It's a simple outfit for a day of play.

The black and white tee with the white jean jacket creates a nice contrast.

Blue and white stripes are perfect with jeans, white pants and red. I'm wearing a striped top I found at the Beall's Outlet, so it was pretty inexpensive. What I like about this top is the asymmetrical hem. It lengthens my body; and therefore, it makes me look thinner! Who could ask for more? BTW, the yellow infinity scarf is available here

If stripes are not your thing, try the classic look of blue and white in a very thin stripe. Target has some great classic looking shirts.

And if you like to explore new ideas, look for skirts and even a striped bomber jacket. You'll love the look and how it makes you feel :)

Have a great day, and get out and play!

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