Ruanas and More

Even though the sunshine and warmer weather has arrived in Florida, my friends and family in the North are still facing melting snow, wind and rain, and changing temperatures every day.

Because the weather can change, as well, in Florida, I love the convenience of a ruana, kaftan, duster, or kimono. These cover ups made of a warm acrylic, wool blend or cashmere can get you through a day of Mother Nature's unpredictability. Start with a cardigan or jacket and then add the ruana. When the temps start to rise, pull off your ruana or duster. When the temps continue to rise, toss off the cardigan or jacket. It's dressing in layers without bulk.

A ruana is a 3 panel coat. The back panel is wide and the 2 front panels are narrower. The sides are open, so you can wear anything under the ruana without bulges. You can cross one side over to protect your neck or wear it straight down.

This ruana is available on my Etsy site. You can see it here.

Another similar styled ruana is sewn on the sides and may have a button or clasp on the front. Some refer to it as a duster, kaftan or kimono. The concept is the same; it's open enough so you can wear a sweater or light jacket under it.

This cover up is available, as well, on my Etsy site. You can see it here.

Another ruana style is sewn on the sides for about 3 inches, so you can tie it in the front or wear it straight down.

I just listed this ruana styled cover up. I'm wearing jeans, ballet shoes, and a long sleeve shirt. Perfect for a cool day.  You can see it here.

I hope it's not too cold in your area this morning. I understand that some of my Mainers woke up to a dusting of snow. It's 70 here in the South and will reach mid 80s today. Time for my walk before it gets too warm!

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