Morning Walk

Walking in the morning is my special time to relax and enjoy the surroundings. It's a sort of meditation with the benefit of exercise. I walk a 2.4 mile loop which gives me over 5000 steps, according to my tracker. I walk for my health, both physically and emotionally.

Yesterday, I decided to take some pictures of what I see when I'm traveling my route. It begins with counting gopher tortoises. I saw 5 on my walk. One was meandering down the side of the road.

I always look for the tortoises. At times I've counted more than a dozen.

I also like to look at houses to see what flowers are growing, especially since it's spring, so people are planting or bulbs are bursting.

I love to see the landscapes home owners have created. I really enjoy seeing palm trees as part of that landscape. I'm also partial to pansies, so I couldn't resist taking a pic of these lovely spring flowers.

Some houses have boats because we do live near the water.

I imagine the fun these families have on the weekends. Often, at the tiki bar, we see boaters as they dock and get a bite. There's always smiles. 

It's also fun to wave and say hello to other walkers and bikers.

We all know how beneficial it is to get outside and enjoy the morning.

As I enter my cul-de-sac, I watch for the palms on the side of our house. I love the trees. They're so majestic looking, and they continue to grow at an amazing rate.

The sound of the palms when the wind blows is a rustling that I enjoy hearing, even if it means bad weather on its way.

Walking is one of my favorite exercises. I also bike and use my stepper in the evenings, as I've mentioned in other posts.

If you haven't tried walking for exercise, you may find it to be a wonderful experience. It's a time to observe and reflect, as well as exercise. Remember your water and cell phone. I always have my phone with me incase I get light headed, fall, or experience heart palpitations.

Enjoy the rest of your day. I hope it includes some exercise and some reflection.


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