Mixing Patterns in Fashion

No matter what I put on my Charlie, he looks awesome. I wish I could say that about myself, but alas, some combinations just don't work.

I really struggle with mixing patterns. Perhaps, it reminds me of the late 60s when we wore stripes, large flower patterns in bright orange and gold. It was horrible combinations, but we loved it. Today, however, the mixing of patterns in fashion actually has some rules you can follow, that is, unless you follow the runway. Just about anything goes there.

So I decided to share a few safe rules for mixing patterns. I'll list the rules in the end, but here's a few pics of what I created.

In my first pictures, I played it safe. The rule is to treat stripes as a solid. I did that with my top. My added pattern is a floral print scarf.

In my next pictures, I'm following the rule of scale. Select a large scale with a small scale. Again, to play it safe, I stayed with black and white. If you want to use multiple colors, just make sure some of the colors are in each pattern. You could mix a blue, yellow and black large flower print with a small yellow print.

Another safe combination is to put two patterns together, but separate them with a solid.

I used a wide belt to separate the stripes from the floral print.  I also kept my jewelry simple. It's hard to see, but the necklace is just a plain choker. I added the solid jacket, as well.

Some other rules of mixing patterns: 

Use the same pattern but invert the colors or invert the scale. Such as a wide stripe in blue with a narrow white stripe can be paired with a wide stripe in white with a narrow blue stripe.

Use the same print, but use complementary colors, such as a red flowered top and the same print in a navy flowered skirt.

Pair a neutral print or pattern with a more colorful print or pattern. You can have a pale grey print with a colorful red print.

And polka dots always mix well with stripes.

I hope these ideas help you explore your closet to see what works for you. The key is to feel comfortable with your creation, but play with the ideas. As I've said before, play and creativity is fun!

Have a fun and creative day!

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