Fun With T-Shirts

April is here promising sun and fun. My northeast friends and family will have to wait awhile longer, though. They're experiencing a Nor'easter right now. In fact, my son-in-law just posted that they have over 8 inches of snow in New Hampshire. I wrote back and told them to come visit us in Florida. Weather is warm and sunny :)

Because of the warmth of Florida, I wear cotton tank tops and t-shirts around the house. If we venture out on the motorcycle to our local tiki bar, I'll still wear my t-shirts or a tank top. It's a casual life style here, most of the time. Even when I put together an outfit, it tends to have a casual look.

I've learned that you can dress up a t-shirt and create an outfit. It means breaking the rules our mothers taught us. We grew up in a generation that consisted of fashion rules. No white before Memorial Day, blazers were for skirts, dresses and dress pants, and jewelry should match the outfit and time of day.

Today, fashion is more creative. You can wear white all year round, and blazers work great with jeans. Jewelry can be big and bold or simple and delicate. Wear pearls night or day. Wear diamonds everyday. And, wear jewelry with your tees.

This top is a $4 t-shirt I bought at Walmart. Usually I wear tees when walking or working around the house, but I love this pink color, so it's great with jewelry and black pants.

I have a beautiful jacket I bought a while back to wear during the winter on cool evenings, and if we go out for a nice dinner. I really didn't have anything to pair with it except for my black and white tanks, so it stayed in my closet until I could find the perfect top. While going through my tees the other day, I found one that was similar to the colors in my jacket. I thought, why not? I paired the t-shirt with my dressy jacket, added a pop of jewelry and tossed on my jeans. I broke the old rules and combined casual with dress.

I have a number of Harley Davidson t-shirts because we have a Harley, and when we visit the bike shop, I veer over to the clothes. This black Harley tee has bling, so why not pair it with a black jacket, some black and white jewelry, and jeans? I even added my bling sandals.

Other possibilities for fun ideas are t-shirts with sayings, such as the ones that encourage women. I love those tees and will buy one when I find the saying that works for me. I know it will look great under a blazer or with dress pants.

Have you traveled lately? Tees from cruise ships are usually colorful and would work great with dress pants, skirts and, of course, jeans. Add some bold jewelry or perhaps a scarf.

The possibilities are endless.

Enjoy April Fool's Day. I hope it's full of fun. And keep your eyes on April, the giraffe. She's supposed to deliver today!


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