Adding Color

Many fair-skinned ladies and ladies who are graying, need color near their face. As we age, our hair fades and our skin doesn't glow. We may think that more makeup is the answer, but I've learned that when it comes to makeup and aging, less is more.

However, we can add color to our wardrobe. Today, I'm wearing a  jacket from Christopher and Barnes. The color works for my skin tone. I have popped the collar, so the color of the jacket is closer to my face.

The navy stripe shirt is great for my complexion, as well, but I wanted something nearer my face to brighten my skin. The jacket worked.

You can add color with scarves, too.

I plan on adding more handmade colorful scarves on my Etsy sight. I'm also looking to purchase some silk scarves. Silk scarves are either brilliant, vivid colors or soft in tone. And don't you love the feel of silk?

Do you remember the book, Color Me Beautiful? My copy is one of the earlier additions, but I learned so much about our complexion and color.

In a nutshell, we look best in either cool or warm colors. I have blue veins showing through my skin, so I look best in the cool colors, especially bright colors. That's why I love to wear pure white with black. A bright white looks better on me than a creamy white.

If your veins are more toward green, you will look best in warm colors. People who have warm tones look better in browns, tans and fall shades. I wear these colors, but I try to keep a scarf with my cool colors near my face.

I'm sure newer additions of this book have more updated material on color. It's a book worth buying, if you feel that you're not sure about color choices.

I hope your day is full of color and warmth! Remember, you can easily share my posts by tapping the widget below.


Dianne Morais said…
I'm always looking for color but it does take effort to break away from black which really seems severe. Thanks for your tips and insight!

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