Trench Coat Season

Remember, April showers bring May flowers? I'm not sure that my friends and family in the North would agree with that right now. It seems spring is never going to arrive regardless of what the calendar says.

It will, though, and with it comes lots of rain and wind. Maine is known for a windy March that always carries through to April. Along with the wind comes the cold rain. Time to get out the trench coat.

Today's trench coats come in every color, including prints, plaids, as well as the traditional beige or khaki trench. With all these new coats, we all have a chance to brighten up our wardrobe and have some fun. And it doesn't have to be raining! Trench coats are a great spring must have, rain or shine.

Though, I rarely get a chance to wear a trench because of the warm weather in Florida, I love the fashion statement of the iconic trench coat. With my purple trench, I like to wear a lilac pair of jeans and a scarf. Scarves are a great accessory for your trench.  You can tie a small kerchief around your neck, wrap an infinity scarf on the outside of a buttoned up trench, or run a skinny scarf under the collar. Speaking of collars, wear your trench coat collar up or down. The styling is endless.

Well, my northern friends, you will soon enjoy all the spring weather. The daffodils are out in many places. Flowering trees are starting to bloom, and all the snow is melting. Put away the parka and bring out the spring attire.

If you need a scarf for your khaki trench, check out this one here

This is one of my favorites and would look great with a tan trench.

Enjoy your day! I hope the weather is sunny where you are.


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