Time Goes Fast

On our way back from the hospital today, I caught a Luke Bryan song called Fast. It has a good beat and is easy listening, but it also speaks a major truth. Time moves fast and the older we get, the faster it seems to pass by us.

I was returning from the hospital because of a health issue. I had to wear an EKG monitor for 24 hours to check my heart's rhythm. I've been having dizzy spells, so the doctor ordered the test as a precautionary measure. It turned out that my results were excellent, but what I may be suffering is dehydration. I tend to move through the day and avoid drinking the amount of water I should. Even when I walk or bike, I carry the water, but often, I don't drink it.

It was a relief to know my heart is working fine, but the procedure made me think about the passage of time. As we move into these new decades, we are going to experience some health issues. It could be minor or chronic conditions, but we all will face them, and they can sneak up quickly.

So let's start the day with smiles, but at the same time, listen to our bodies.

Time is crucial. See your doctor and take care of the issues. Have a great afternoon and evening!

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