The Number Nemesis

It's amazing how much our lives revolve around numbers. We focus on our monthly budget: the cost of food, utilities, insurance, pets, and if we have any money left for us to enjoy. We jump on the scales and hold our breath. We go to the doctors and cringe when we discover we are 1/2 inch shorter. To top it off, we watch our blood pressure, our heart rate, and for some of us, our blood sugar numbers.

Lately my Type 2 Diabetes numbers are higher than normal for me. I know why. Recently I've been indulging in chocolate. To top it off, I haven't been exercising as I should.

I think all of, us as we reach the 60s and beyond, realize that our health numbers need to be focused on more than in past decades. We know we must exercise and watch our diet, and make sure we get the rest we so deserve.

For me, it meant back to my 2 mile walks, taking bike rides, using my stepper, and waving goodbye to the chocolate. Well, I will indulge once in awhile :).

But we can do even more for our well being. I love nature, so I watch the birdhouse outside my window, and I count gopher tortoises when walking. I have learned to slow down and observe.

 I also love to dress up for fun. Below I have included a couple of pictures of one my fun outfits. The kimono or duster is available here.

Whatever you love to do, take the time and enjoy it, but watch the number nemesis!


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