The Classic Black and White

I love the classic look of black and white. It never grows old. Needless to say, my closet is full of black and white. I have stripes, prints and solids of this great combo. And of course, I have the ever favorite black dress.

When wearing black and white, you may want to add a punch of color for fun. Below is a picture I took with a red crossover purse to break up all the black and white.

I have included two links for some black items on my Etsy site.

The first is a scarf that functions as a sarong for your bathing suit, as well.

Below is a duster in a black and white design.

Be creative with black and white. If you want to keep the whole outfit in the combo, it will create a dramatic look. Add any color for pop.

Enjoy your day, and keep busy. It's good for our well being.


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