That Little Black Dress

When you look at the sandals above, you may ask if they are dress or casual shoes. After all, they're thong sandals, but they're black and have bling. Actually, I wear these shoes with shorts, and yes, with a little black dress.

My simple black dress is a cotton knit Style and Co. dress bought at Macy's five years ago. I love this black dress because I can wear it dressy or casual. In fact, the dress has served as a swimsuit cover on a cruise ship and moved from the pool area to the piano lounge for an evening of music. I have worn heels, flats and sandals with this dress. I have added a simple bolero top, as seen below, and a red, black, or white jacket for a steak dinner.

Clothes today can serve multiple functions. Because this dress is cotton knit, I'm able to use it day or night.

When choosing clothes to buy, think about the multiple ways you can use the pieces. It would be too bad to buy a cute dress or lacy pants just to push them to the back of the closet because you have no place to wear your treasures. What accessories do you already have that will work with that cute dress or lacy pants?

Enjoy the rest of the day, and perhaps, look at the items in the back of your closet. You may find a treasure you can accessorize!

Note:  The bolero jacket in the above picture is available on my Etsy site.


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