Statement vs Basic

Do you ever look in your closet and say "I don't have anything to wear"? However, your closet is full and possibly busting at the seams. You may suffer from a closet full of statement pieces or accent pieces instead of basic items, which are the foundation of your wardrobe.

I tend to have a lot of statement pieces because I'm a pushover for sales. Sales rarely have the basics that we need, but instead, are full of all the colorful, trendy or one occasion items that didn't sell.

Basics are what we reach for every day. For me, the colors are usually black, white, red, navy and tan. They are slacks, sleeveless tops, 3/4 length tops and long sleeve tops. My basics also consist of shorts and capris because I live in the South, so we wear shorts year round unless we have a cold spell. Temps can drop to the 30s, but rarely.

I'm now trying to revamp my wardrobe by adding more basic items in the basic colors that look good on me. That way, I can pop the outfit with a statement piece. And, since I make many ponchos, cover ups, jackets, kimonos and dusters, I have a number of statement pieces I have kept for myself.

Below is a picture of me wearing a basic white sleeveless top, basic white pants and one of my statement jackets.

If you're interested in the jacket, check it out on Etsy: flowered jacket.  It will look great with your basic black, white or blue :)


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