Shorts or Not?

Welcome spring! Finally, it's here, and I know my friends and family up North are glad for the calendar date, but are still recovering from a grueling winter.

With spring comes thoughts of simpler clothing:  t-shirts, sandals, jeans, tank tops, and shorts. For those of us in our later decades, shorts can be intimidating. We know we don't have the legs of a 20 year old, so we may opt to avoid this summer item.

Choosing to wear shorts is an individual decision, but let's be clear, our age shouldn't stop us from wearing warmer weather clothing. I've seen many women in their 80s wear shorts and look fine. My mom was one of those women. What is important to remember is that we need to find shorts that work for our bodies.

First of all, unless you have spectacular legs, avoid the short shorts. I choose to wear my shorts a few inches above my knees when out in public. Around the house, I may wear shorter ones.

Second, if you have skinny legs, don't wear baggy legged shorts. I don't know why the fashion industry thinks wide shorts are attractive. I look like I have chicken legs when the shorts are baggy. Even if you have bigger legs, you don't need some of the wider shorts. Look for narrow legged shorts. Of course, you don't want them to fit tight either. Spend what you can afford. The shorts above I purchased at a Chico's Outlet. With the discounts, I paid around $40.  

Third, prepare your legs. If you've been hiding out in jeans all winter, some of you may have white legs. If it makes you feel better, put on some self tanning lotion. I'm fortunate enough to live in a climate where I have a bit of color on my legs year round. However, I used to live in Maine, so I know that feeling when you pull out the shorts and look at your white legs. If you have darker skin, you are fortunate. But it's not just the skin color. Moisturize your legs. The cold winter can dry our skin. Even in the South, I have to moisturize. After all, as we age, our skin becomes dryer.

Finally, you may want to go for a more tailored look when wearing shorts. Toss on a light summer jacket. Add a scarf or some statement jewelry. Wear flats instead of sandals or try some sandals with bling.

Most of all, feel confident. Isn't that what we used to tell our children?

Enjoy your day and this first day of spring. We're supposed to get in the 70s today on the Gulf Coast of Florida. A great day to walk or maybe I'll work on my plants.


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