My New Blog Title and What it Means

My posts will focus on women's fashion as well as our well being as we age through the 60s and beyond. Let's begin with a link to my etsy site. It will give you a chance to view my pictures associated with all the restyled items I sell.

My etsy shop is Polly's from the Heart because I design my scarves, wraps, cover ups, hats etc. with love and passion.

I will be posting my new items as they appear on etsy, as well as talking about how I put together the outfits for the pictures I take. I will include tips on looking our best, too. To begin, here is a picture I took tonight. I will post this on etsy later, but for now, I want to share information about the "black dress". Don't we all love a black dress? No advertising for Chico, but that's where I found it, and I love it! Now to find a place to wear it. Perhaps, a cruise? A nice steak dinner?

Anyways, the picture also shows my latest shawl or poncho. It's a restyled scarf. This lovely shawl is an open weave and is delicate. I know. I caught my earring on one of the shawls. Yes, I bought 4 scarves and restyled them all. Two I'm keeping and 2 will go up for sale on etsy.

That's my post for now. Enjoy your day and this wonderful time of life.


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