Monday Outfit: Simple and Classic

My pooches love to sit by the screen door and look outside. It doesn't take much to please them: food twice a day, a daily nap, nice views, and a cozy bed.

Simple pleasures are the best. I love my coffee in the morning, a quiet walk, the sounds of morning, and a great meal with Jack.

I also love to dress in simple outfits. One of my favorite ensembles begins with white jeans. You can create any look with white jeans, especially when you add a blazer. It's such a sharp, yet classic look, and it's easy to put together.

I like black and white, as I've mentioned lots of times, so the white jeans are a good start. These jeans are actually crop jeans, but long, lean jeans are a great choice, as well. The top is a black and white striped boat neck cotton knit from Chico's. The blazer is a black jacket I bought 4 or 5 years ago. To finish the look, I added a black belt, black shoes, and a black purse. Simple and classic.

I could add a pop of color by adding red as an accessory, but I like the total black and white look.

You can create a simple look easily. Pick out white jeans, add a t-shirt or any cotton knit top. You might want to pick a t-shirt with a fun design! Finish it off with a blazer. You are ready for the day!

And if you like simple and classic, check out my black and white infinity scarf here.

I used black and white with this look, as well. I could have added the jacket, but instead, I chose to add the animal print shoes. It's still simple.

Enjoy your day! I hope it includes simple pleasures.




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