Lunch with Family

Yesterday, in Orlando, my sister and I had lunch with two of our cousins. We hadn't seen them for a couple of years, so it was a lovely visit filled with memories, good food and a delightful waiter. We revisited growing up, asked questions about our other cousins and laughed about the aches and pains of growing older.

It was a beautiful winter day in central Florida. The temperatures were in the high 70s with a light breeze. Humidity was low, so it was comfortable sitting outside. I chose to wear white capris, a navy tank top and a print kimono from Chicos.

Because the weather is warm in the South, I rely on tank tops and light cover ups. I make quite a few kimonos, dusters and wraps because of where I live. Below is a black and white kimono I made. It's available on my site. Follow the link spring kimono.

Have a wonderful day, and perhaps, call a relative. Visiting with family can be so good for our well being.


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