Lunch at Seagrass

What a beautiful afternoon in sunny Florida today. We decided to take the Harley to one of our favorite tiki bars on Homosassa River. Seagrass Resort is an indoor/outdoor tiki bar experience. 

We decided to stay outside in the sunshine and enjoy the fabulous weather. Below are some pictures of the area.

I wore comfortable and functional clothes that work for motorcycle riding. I decided on white jeans, cotton top, jean jacket and a light scarf for the bike ride.

The scarf and jean jacket came off once we sat down. I wore the scarf to protect my neck against the wind and the sun. The scarf is a light material that I love so much, I ended up buying a few yards more than needed. One of the scarves is available on my Etsy sight. Just click the link. The one I'm selling is wider and has more black on it, but it's the same light, silky material.

When we left the tiki bar, I wrapped the scarf around my neck, exchanged my favorite New Hampshire Live Free or Die pink baseball cap for my motorcycle helmet, and buttoned up my jean jacket. I was ready for a great ride home. And it was.

Hope your day was sunny and wonderful.


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