Keeping Active

When working in the office, my eyes often wander to the top of the bookcase where my grandmother's vase sits. On each side of the vase are bird carvings my dad made after he retired. I remember how excited he was to take a class in bird carving and immerse himself in something he loved. My dad loved birds. He could recognize any bird song, which is special because birds change their songs depending on the season and time of day.

My grandmother's vase used to sit atop her buffet in the dining room. I loved looking at it along with all her figurines she collected. She, too, had passions and displayed her keepsakes throughout her home.

Passions and activity are good for our souls. Retiring is a chance to cultivate our passions. It's also a time when activity may slow down. As we age, aches, pains, and tiredness may be part of our daily life. Even if I get a good night's sleep, some days I still feel sluggish.

So it's important to move, stay active, and find something we love to do. I enjoy my walks, reading, riding my flower power bike, and now working on this blog I pushed aside a few years ago. I also enjoy creating items for my Etsy site, Polly's From the Heart.

And of course, I love to shop! For me, shopping is about hunting, finding, and creating.

Jean jacket is from Bealls, as well as the Lee crop jeans.  White tank top is from Chico's. I bought it a size up, so I could wear it pulled down. Scarf is from my Etsy collection and can be used as a sarong or shawl. You can see it here.

I hope you have a passion and lots of activities to fill your days! Have a great day!


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