Jean Jacket Weather

As the day progresses, we may make it to 60 degrees. That's right. Florida temperatures will stay cold for the whole day. In fact, tonight we are looking at a freeze warning.

Time to bring out the faithful jean jacket. I have owned a jean jacket since the 1970s. Now, I own 4 denim jackets: a traditional style with Harley Motorcycle decals on the back, a white jacket, a dressier fitted denim jacket from Coldwater Creek, and my most recent purchase, a Christopher and Banks denim jacket.

I love this new jacket. It's slightly longer than the traditional Levi denim. It has interesting buttons and detailed stitching.

In other words, this new jacket has a style I like for my age. The longer length sits below my natural waistline, so the focus is diverted. For me, that's good. The buttons and stitching combine a classic look with an updated look.

The choice of clothes today is colored jeans in a light lavender for spring, shorty boots, my jean jacket, scarf and cap.

Are we ever too old for jean jackets? I don't think so. Keep wearing them, ladies. And have fun looking for slightly different styles.

Enjoy the day. Bundle up, if you're in a cold area.

Note: The pink scarf is available on my Etsy site.


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