It's in the Details

While taking my walk yesterday, I came across two sand cranes visiting our neighborhood. I always take pictures when they visit because I'm enthralled with their beauty. They have cranberry red on their crest and soft shadings of white around their eyes. Their legs are long with knobby knees.

Watching them walk on their long legs is entertaining, as well.

The details in nature can inspire us. I find that as I age, I pay more attention to details, especially in the clothes I design. With the help of my sister, my newer pieces have added features. Check out my latest kimono wrap. My sister added a black ribbon clasp to the opening. Just a little detail that adds interest to the piece.

Also take a look at this tunic. It was my sister's idea to add the embroidery trim.
It was my idea to add the hat :).

Now back to the sand cranes. One more thing about these fascinating birds. They love to dig up your lawn hunting for bugs. So far, they haven't bothered our lawn. However, our neighbor's lawn seems more desirable.

Enjoy the day and pay attention to the details, whether in nature or in what you choose to do with your time.


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