Sunday Morning

Happy Sunday, everyone. Today, I woke up to a little warmer weather when I took Lulu out for her morning duty. I love the sunshine, but wanted to get back inside and have my Starbuck's Verona Blend coffee, my treat to start the day. Lulu had other plans, though. She wanted to sit and smell the cool, dry air.

And so, I stood and took in the air, a special treat when you live in the Florida humidity. Folks flock to Florida for this winter and spring delight:  sunny, dry air. It will soon change and be hot and humid, though. 

It's amazing what you can learn from your pets. Lulu taught me to take in the moment. So I did. The birds were singing morning songs, squirrels scurried, and a tree frog jumped into the lanai when I opened the door.

Yes, it's a glorious Sunday morning. Take a moment and enlighten your senses.

Enjoy the day!


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