Denim and Denim?

Charlie is enjoying the morning air. He has a special spot in the corner of the lanai where he can watch squirrels and people walking. I love to watch him, but once a squirrel scurries, he starts barking and wants to join the fun. So begins our day!

Today is a little cool, but it will warm up to the 70s. The last few days I've worn a denim jean jacket for the morning and didn't take it off until noon. As I said in an earlier post, I love jean jackets. We can wear them dressed up or down. We can also wear them with just about anything we want, including other denim.

On my trip to the hospital yesterday, I chose to wear my denim jacket with white jeans. Jean jackets work great with any color jeans, especially white. On Monday, I wore black capris and my jean jacket. I discovered Citrus Memorial Hospital is really cold, so the jacket worked for me.

But what about a denim jean jacket and denim jeans? Or a denim shirt with denim jeans? You can wear denim and denim together, but you don't want to look like you're wearing a uniform.

The trick is to wear different shades of denim or different types of denim with, perhaps, an accessory that stands out.

 If your jean jacket is a light denim, consider dark denim jeans. The same is true with a denim shirt. A light denim shirt looks great with dark jeans.

You may want distressed jeans with a traditional jean jacket. To break up all the denim, choose a crisp, white top or perhaps a colorful and bright top.

You can choose to wear a denim vest instead of the denim jacket, as well. This will give the top a chance to shine. You may want to add a scarf for added color.  

And if you want  to wear a denim shirt that is the same shade as the jeans, add a vest or jacket in a different color and different material. khaki is great with denim.

Experiment. I love the jackets, vests,  shirts, jeans, shorts and capris. What would we do without them?

You can purchase this pink cotton knit scarf here.

Have a great day! I hope it's full of sunshine whether the sun is out or not.


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