I was deleting some pictures from my phone when I came across some of our cruise pictures. I don't know about you, but I love to cruise, which was tough for me in the beginning. The first time I went on a cruise, I was so sea sick I missed some of the fun of being on a ship.

I have since visited my doctor to get patches. The patch fits behind your ear and really makes a difference for those of us who suffer from motion sickness. It's not a total fix because I did have one day when I was slightly queasy. So was everyone else! We just had a day of rough waters.

Now, if you haven't cruised, it is so worth trying. And for those who have taken a cruise, you know that packing can be daunting especially if you have to fly to your ship's port. I'm fortunate to live in Florida, so I don't have to fly to any of the ports. We can drive.

However, I still like to pack clothes that are multi-functional. The navy blue skirt below worked for me during the day and night.

Because the skirt was long and flowing, I needed a short top or something tucked in. I chose a light t shirt top I bought at Old Navy and tucked in just the front, so there wasn't too much focus on my waist. I then added a thin, red belt for a little pop of color. I bought the skirt at Bealls, a Florida store. It's cotton knit, so it packed well and was comfortable for the hot days. I also wore this skirt at night for dinner. I changed the top to a white asymmetrical tank and added a scarf.

If you're familiar with cruising, you know there are dress up nights. This is a great time to have your picture taken. In the picture below, I'm wearing white pants with a black asymmetrical top, which is longer than my white tank.

I love black and white. The classic combination works for dress and casual. I was able to combine the top and pants with other items to create more outfits.

Speaking of white, I was going to take the beach cover up, below, but decided I didn't need it since I had a number of other cover ups. It can be worn at night with slacks, as well. This is one of my Etsy creations and is available here.

Enjoy your day, and if you get a chance, try a cruise. It's a great adventure.


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