Cool Jackets for Summer

If you live in the South, you learn to dress for the humidity. Not only do the temperatures rise, but the humidity does too. Clothes need to be light and airy. For some, we want to feel cool, but we may not want to expose our arms. Light kimonos or jackets are perfect for the heat, allowing you to wear a sleeveless shell, as well.

I have the best of both worlds with this kimono jacket or bolo style cover up. The fabric is cotton and silk, so it's soft against my skin and extremely light for a hot day. It's also in my favorite combination, black and white. I chose to add a colorful shell instead of black or white. I can wear any color with this jacket. It's from Chico's, and you can find it here.

When it's hot, you may want to add some jewelry for an accessory instead of layers. I'm wearing a long necklace along with my diamond necklace. No bracelets because it was a little too warm when I took this picture. If a necklace seems too hot, try a large pair of earrings.

In the above picture, I'm still wearing the same shell, but with one of my Etsy cover ups. This is light, airy and very simple. You can find it here. It just gives a little cover up for those who do not want bare arms exposed.

Duster length cover ups are great for those who want more coverage.

This duster is available here.

Short or long, light cover ups allow you the freedom to feel comfortable and cool!

Have a great day! April is almost here, so don't forget your sunglasses!


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