Colorful Palazzo Pants

As soon as the warm weather arrives in New Hampshire, my son will be working in his garden, planning a colorful display. Spring has a way of charging us. Whether you live in a cold or warm climate, you feel the energy.

For me, it means getting outside and trimming the bushes and planting some annuals in my pots I have in the front of the house.

It also means charging up my wardrobe with some color.

One of my favorite pieces is my palazzo pants. They're great for the South because of the loose flowing material. My colorful palazzo pants are even lined, which may seem silly for the South, but these lined pants actually keep me cool.

When I first bought my pants, I wasn't sure what to wear for a top. I discovered that long, straight tops didn't work. They made my legs look short and actually hid the pant. I then tried a long, loose top and found I looked like a curtain with all the draping fabric.

We want the palazzo pants to be the focus because they are either colorful or a solid color of flowing material. To look our best, we want to wear a short top. Now, I'm not saying a crop top. Let's leave those to the younger folks. We need a top that skims past our waist or a top that is asymmetrical to add length. If you have a small waist, consider a slim top tucked into the pants.

The best top I found for my palazzo pants I purchased online at Chico's. The pintuck pleats hug just below my waist creating the illusion of long legs.

The pictures do not give justice to the top, so I have included the link to the Chico's top here.  This top is so forgiving. You can pull it down more, if you wish. It's also loose, so it will keep you cool.

One more point about palazzo pants. Don't let them drag on the ground. You can trip! Keep them a few inches above the floor, so they will flow when you walk.

Enjoy your day! Time to hunt for annuals!


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