Bundle up My Friends

My thoughts are with the Northeast today. A major nor'easter is approaching. I've experienced many snowstorms in Maine where I lived most of my life. It's so frustrating when spring is showing signs of its arrival and then a blizzard arrives. You don't know whether to pull out the spring clothes are settle in for another month of sweaters, turtlenecks and LLBean boots.

In the meantime, Florida is experiencing some cold weather, as well. A system off the Gulf Coast arrived yesterday bringing rain and cooler temperatures. Today we will be lucky if we reach the mid 60s. Certainly, not to be compared to our northern neighbors!

It's on rainy days like this that I take extra time with my morning coffee and savor the welcoming hot brew. I love coffee and now treat myself to my favorite brand, Starbuck's Verona Blonde. The more expensive coffee is a gift to myself since retiring. It's a small gift that gives me great satisfaction.

So as I enjoy my steaming cup of morning pleasure, I am also thinking that I still need to work on my spring and summer line of clothes. Warm weather will prevail, eventually, just not today.

I mentioned I had a lovely yellow summer infinity scarf that matches my mums that are blooming again. I did get the scarf onto Etsy. Now to shop for fabric and more scarves I can reinvent.

But for now, I think I'll have a second cup of coffee.

Enjoy the day and splurge on the simple pleasures. Bundle up, if you're in the Northeast. It will be over soon.


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