Back to Basics

The cold is still with us, so my Charlie is wearing his sweater for outside walks. I 'm still sticking to my basic clothes of jeans, jacket and boots. However, today I will switch out the boots for slip on shoes, so I can try on clothes easier.

My sister and I are going to check out the new Chico's Outlet in Ocala, Florida. I've never been to a Chico's Outlet; I shop online or visit the retail store in The Villages, so this will be an adventure. I love shopping, but it's especially fun to share the adventure with a sibling or a friend.

Before I leave to meet my sister, I want to make a list of basic items. No statement pieces are needed. Between Chico's and the items I make, I have plenty of clothes that stand out. Pieces that function with many items are my focus. I'm looking for a new white shirt, which you can use year round, and the basic tops to wear under shirts. I would also like to find a pair of the Girlfriend jeans that Chico's sells. I have a colored pair and love how they fit. They sit higher on the waist than many other pants.

My mantra or rule is simple:  if it's not a basic item, it must go with at least 3 of the items in my closet, or it stays on the rack.

So let the fun begin!

Enjoy your day, and I hope you can share the day with someone special.

Note: You can find the infinity scarf in my Etsy shop, and here's a link for Chico's


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