Ahh, Spring

Walking around the outside of the house yesterday, I noticed some definite signs of spring. Of course, I live in Florida, so spring has been arriving for awhile. A few weeks ago, my azaleas were bursting in red. Today, I noticed some mums I bought last fall were actually blooming again.

And the birdhouse my sister gave me, has birds nesting in it. I wish I could catch a picture of the yellow finches, but they're too fast for me, flying in and out caring for their young.

The rebirth of nature is exhilarating. It makes me want to brighten up the house, clean out my closets, and visit the stores to see the bursting flowers, colorful plant pots, and new outdoor furniture creations.

I also love to look at the new spring line of clothes. For Floridians, it means the swimsuits are present along with all the tank tops, shorts and sandals. You'll see the same items in the winter, but fewer. Once spring arrives, all the new colors and styles are filling the racks.

Yellow is definitely among the favorites, and it's available in every shade possible. Pink is another favorite. Blues and greens are showing up, as well as my favorite, coral.

I will be busy this week, preparing some new items for my shop, including this yellow scarf, so close to the color of my mums!

So enjoy this new beginning. Dig out the colorful items in your closet, and enjoy digging in the dirt!

Note: the lovely spring cover up is available in my Etsy shop.


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