Snippets on Medicare

With 65 looming in the near future, I decided to learn more about Medicare. I have a number of questions since I was a state worker and did not contribute to social security. Will I still be eligible for Medicare and what program do I choose, if I am eligible? It turns out that I am eligible for Medicare: I had paid into it, and I was married long enough to collect it under my ex husband.

So now the question is which program do I choose? We have 2 choices: Medicare Advantage or the traditional Medicare with a supplement. If you choose Medicare Advantage, you are choosing a program that is sort of "pay as you go". Coverage is less in some instances. For example, if you have knee surgery, Medicare will pay, but you will have to cover up to 3 days of hospital stay, which is $395/day. Medicare Advantage can be as inexpensive as just the $104 a month for the Medicare costs. You gamble that you will stay fairly healthy, so this is all you need for coverage. There are different Advantage programs depending on where you live. If you live in the Northeast, you may consider United Healthcare through AARP or perhaps, Martin Point, located in Maine. Do your research to find the best Advantage program for you.

Health issues that are extensive? You may want to go with the traditional Medicare and a supplement. The supplement will cost you each month depending upon the program. It could be up to $200-$300/ month, as well as an additional cost for prescriptions. Fortunately, I fall under a state health program that will cost me $202/ month an addition to my $104 for Medicare. However, this will include my prescription program and give me excellent coverage. I will probably stick with this program even though my health issues are minimal right now.

If you are nearing that magical 65, take the time to check into the Medicare programs. Make an appointment with Social Security to see if you qualify for Medicare. Then check out the programs.

Hope this snippet of information is beneficial.


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