Knee-Replacement Surgery and Today's Nursing

Jack is home and five days from the knee-replacement surgery. I've learned a lot about the surgery and the hospital process. All went well, but I can't help commenting on the change in hospital stays. I remember when nurses gave you sponge baths, back massages and helped you dress for the day. Now, it seems that you have to ask for a clean johnny and needed towels. No one offers to help. I wonder what happens to those who are in the hospital alone and can't fend for themselves. I know there is a shortage of nurses, but what has happened to the care we all used to get?

I also discovered that you've got to be "on your toes" to make sure all is done properly. Jack was supposed to have ice on his knee. That happened once. No one told us to keep icing it when he got home. Needless to say, his knee swelled. We also discovered that we went home without the surgical socks. Once the physical therapist came to visit, she said that he needed those socks and should have been wearing them. Forty dollars later, the socks from Walgreen's were ready for him to wear. However, putting the socks on was another difficult task.

I guess I'm done with my griping, but I'm really disappointed in the direction the medical field is taking. Can we slow down and make sure every patient gets the care they deserve?


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