Word Beads

If you like to play with words, go to this link. Each week 5 new words are posted for your enjoyment. Here's my creation from this past week:

nuclei, hold, fetch, disillusion, collegian ( 5 words to use in either a sentence, paragraph, or short story)

The young collegian stood looking at the mass of classes she could take. What she thought would be easy, was turning into a nightmare. Her perception of college was now disillusioned since she arrived Monday.

"This was supposed to be easy," she mused, as she struggled with the course outlines. "I thought I was all set with my classes. What do I do now?"

Holding the spiraled notebook, she turned to the drowning noise around her. Several nuclei of students were busy talking in animated voices. She wanted to scream, "Shut up! I can't think!"

She fetched her book bag, gathered her papers, grasped her water bottle, and stomped towards her dorm. "College life is supposed to be fun. I just want to go home." She cried to herself, knowing that she would get through this ordeal and find the classes she needed. The hold her childhood had on her would be released in due time.

Word Beads


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