The Divide by Nicholas Evans

Well, it's not The Horse Whisperer, but it's good. Nicholas Evans will have a hard time matching his first book, but I've got to admit, this is pretty good.

The story takes place in Montana and New York. The focus is on the crisis in a family. As you follow along, you will watch the division of family, hence the reference to the name, but not the whole reason why it's called The Divide.

Good plot development. You'll want to find the answers!

Good character development. If you're female, you'll probably dislike the husband though he has redeeming qualities.

499 pages, now in paperback.

Quote from the story: "But now and then, behind that cool facade, he'd gotten a glimpse of how fragile and wounded she was. And it moved him to see a creature so graceful in so much pain." Page 64.


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