Pastel Fall Prints

Pastel Fall PrintsWhen we think fall or autumn, our minds imagine the colors of changing leaves:  orange, brown, red, and gold. I love those colors, but some shades really don't do much for my cool complexion. So when fall arrives, I tend to keep my cool colors near my face and if I wear warmer colors, it's usually pants or skirts. 
However, sometimes I throw caution to the wind, and I just dress in colors that are perfect for me. That's what happened when I put together my pastel fall outfit. The flower print in my top is popular for fall, but it's not in the autumn colors. 
My  following outfit was inspired by the top.

This top is everything I look for in a casual piece. It has 3/4 sleeves, so the sleeves do not end near my bustline. It also has a nice scoop neck, which is good for us as we age. The attention is not drawn to our neck, and the neckline gives us the opportunity to wear statement jewelry. I chose a turquoise necklace that picks up the blues in the shirt. T…

Fun Shoes: Why Yes!

Fun Shoes: Why Yes!
I'll be the first to say that I love shoes. I just wish I had more room in my closet. But I have to be realistic. You can only wear so many shoes. Oh, but what fun to find a pair of shoes that makes your heart race. My first thought is what can I create for an outfit to showcase my new shoes?
I discovered a pair of shoes in Marshall's last week that I had to have. Besides, they were on sale, so Yes!

These are not expensive shoes, so I wasn't sure they would be comfortable, but they are. I love the black and brown chevron pattern and the black straps. I can't wait to try them with black, but also with my skinny jeans. My jean inspired outfit is below. 

I played off the chevron with a shirt jacket with a similar pattern. Because the shoes had a bronze tone, I chose a necklace with black, gold, and silver tones. However, instead of wearing it as a necklace, I wore it as a belt. 

I added a cinnamon brown purse, as well.
I shared my inspiration on a community …

Monochromatic Dressing

Monochromatic Dressing
I love the fall with all the rusty colors of gold, orange, red, and touches of cinnamon brown. As much as I love the fall colors, for me, they are hard to wear because I look better in cool colors. 

 I find the simple shades of black, white, and gray are basics that work for me, so today I decided to create a monochromatic outfit that showcases the cool basic shades. 
What exactly is monochromatic dressing? It is basically wearing the same color in different shades. It can also be wearing different textures of that color, as well. 

I created the monochromatic outfit with the inspiration of my shirt that I chose to wear as a jacket.  

My shirt is a faded black with a pattern of gray lines. I paired the silky top with a pair of black jeans. Hence, the jeans are a different texture and a darker shade. I then added a light blue-gray tank top to complement the gray lines in the shirt. 
The next step was to include accessories. I opted for silver shoes and a silver gray tot…

Outfit of the Day: Flower Power

Outfit of the Day: Flower PowerThe weather is back to normal in Florida, hot and steamy. We had a slight reprieve with cooler days and less humidity. It gave me a chance to wear jeans, which is almost non-existent this time of year. Of course, by afternoon, you can expect the temps to rise, so thank goodness for flattering sleeveless tops.
I'm so loving the flower prints for fall, especially the tops. The blouse I'm wearing today is perfect for our weather. It has a V-neck opening which is flattering for all. It also flares out so no tummy or hip exposure. 
Today, my focus is on showing you how I created this simple outfit with the inspiration of my new flower power top.
The flowers in the top are a deep midnight blue with tan leaves against a light cream background. I decided to pop the flowers, so I paired the blouse with my dark-rinsed jeggings. 

The jeggings also work because the top is loose. I rarely wear loose tops with loose pants, unless it's really hot, or I just lov…

Floral Prints for Fall

Floral Prints for Fall
If you haven't seen the floral prints for fall, please take the time to shop or peruse the catalogs. I'm so excited about all the choices. The fall florals are richer and deeper in color than spring florals. You'll see navy blue, black, green moss, and even a copper background for deep reds, rose/pink, orange and gold flowers. Some of the florals are two toned and small prints, while others are bold and multi-colored. 
I never used to be a fan of bold prints, but now I embrace these exciting combinations. At first, I ventured to only scarves, but now I'm loving tops. Perhaps, I'll try bold floral pants next. 
My advice when creating your floral print outfits is simple. Decide how much you want to enhance the print, or if you want it to stand alone as the focal point. That decision will help you determine how to accessorize. My two outfits today are floral tops. Let's start with my large print 3/4 sleeve top.

This is a real fall choice. The co…

The Little Black Top

The Little Black Top
We all know the little black dress or LBD is a fashion staple because it is so versatile. You can wear it dressy with heels or casual with a jean jacket. So why not a little black top, as well?
It should be versatile, comfortable, and flattering. I have found the perfect little black top or LBT, and it's made by Covered Perfectly.

I have talked about Covered Perfectly before and shared information on their jackets, scarf vests, and other tops. As you can see, I love their products.

Covered Perfectly was founded by Pauline Durban who was looking for flattering clothing for the mature woman. Frustrated with the limited choices, she decided to create her own online company that is dedicated to fashion for women over 50. 

The top I chose, as one of my staples, is made from micro modal. The material is soft and comfortable. It's also versatile and flattering, all the details I want in a little black top.

I chose my Chico's Travelers bold print pants to wear with …

Thrift Shopping Tips

Thrift Shopping TipsI mentioned in an earlier post that I'm cleaning and reorganizing my clothes closet. Well, there's more to the story than I mentioned. I started thrift shopping, and I've discovered so many treasures, that I can't make my closet work without doing some reorganizing.
My niece took me to a thrift shop while I was in Maine. She chose a shop in an affluent neighborhood. The results were great for me. I found upper scale brand named clothing at ridiculously low prices. I was overwhelmed by the choices, so I knew I had to have a strategy for my future thrift shopping.  Here's what I learned...
Look for details. One of my recent shopping trips produced a beautiful classic jacket I can wear for years. What drew me to the jacket was the white piping. It was a detail I knew would make this jacket pop when wearing it with black, white, or red. 

Even though the jacket is classic, I can pair it with white jeggings for a fun look, as well as dress slacks. So, be…