Enjoying Hobbies

Enjoying Hobbies
I love retirement, but I do get restless. I have to be creating whether I'm writing, knitting, or sewing. One of my favorite relaxations is sewing scarves into kimonos or dusters. My sister and I have enjoyed this activity together. In fact, we have taken our wares to a number of arts and craft shows.

Even though I create other clothing items from scratch, I'm drawn to the endless possibilities of scarves. With all the patterns, fringe, and decorations on today's scarves, it's an endless world of new design.
My kimono today is one of my favorite finds. It has sparkly silver and gold fashion studs with long fringe.

The lavender color is soft, and the rayon material is light enough for summer.
I played with some outfits, but finally decided to display my scarf kimono with basic white. The results are below:
I'm wearing a darker lavender colored sleeveless tank with white capris. I tossed on my simple lavender/gray sandals, as well. Because the decoration…

Touch of Gray

Touch of GrayMy mother used to refer to Monday as Blue Monday. She called it blue Monday because it was laundry day. The expression reminded me of a sad day. After all, we associate colors with feelings and blue can be a sad color, or it can be a relaxing color.
The same is true when we think of gray. It's sort of a dismal color, yet there are so many shades of gray that can be calming and soothing. I love silver gray, and I especially love a gray with a touch of lavender or blue. And you can't beat dark gray as a fashion stable. 
Today, my outfit is a touch of many grays. And what is great about this outfit is the cost to put it together. I spent little to make a big statement outfit. 
Let's take a look at what I created. 

I started with dark gray capris that I bought at Walmart. The capris are part of the new line of clothing called Time and Tru. Ladies, these capris are so comfortable and so affordable. You can get them for less than $15. 
Next I added a cream white top. I l…

Fun With Tees and Shorts

Fun With Tees and Shorts
I love wearing tees and shorts in the summer because they are so comfortable in the Florida weather. One thing I like to do is add a few accessories to make my simple outfit a little fun. 
First, I begin with my shorts. My choice is slightly above the knee in a straight style. I don't like wide leg shorts because I have skinny legs. I also like a slimmer look with few or no pockets. 
T-shirts are perfect for the hot weather. I prefer a 100% cotton shirt with either a V neckline or a scoop neck. I avoid men's tees because the necks are too high and the body is too straight. 
I then begin to accessorize. The result is below:

My first accessory is a hat. I like hats when the sun is out. I added a headband to match my tee, and picked out a purse that has the same tan color.
Jewelry combinations include an old lia sophia turquoise braided necklace and my sister's hand made braided leather bracelet we just put on Etsy. You can see her bracelet here.

I finished …

Fun With Polka Dots

Fun With Polka Dots
Mixing prints and patterns can be intimating. What works, so you don't look like a two-year old who dressed herself?
I've found that you can't go wrong if one of the patterns is either a stripe or a polka dot. I also found that keeping the same color combination works, as well.
My polka dot top has been living in my closet for at least eight years. I've pulled it out a few times and wore it with a solid black, but I never thought of mixing it with a pattern. Because I like to create, I decided to pair my polka dots with a print jacket.
And here's my outfit:
I chose white shorts and sandals and accented my black and white with a red purse. My statement necklace is an old lia sophia piece. It works great with so many outfits and the pendant is removable. 
The larger polka dots work with the jacket. Smaller polka dots would be lost in the jacket's large pattern. The purse adds a touch of color. I'm still looking for a great statement necklace i…

Blue on Blue

Blue on Blue
Do you have a favorite color? Mine is blue. I have loved all shades of blue since I was a child. I find it a serene color, and my skin tone works with it. The only blues I can't wear are baby blues or dusty blues. They wash me out.
If your favorite color complements your skin tone, I bet you wear that color often and love how you feel wearing it. My sister's favorite color is yellow, and unfortunately, there are few yellows she can wear without making her look pale or even green. I've told her to wear yellow pants or accessorize with a yellow purse. That way she gets to wear her favorite.
My outfit today is filled with blue, right down to my necklace and earrings. 

I even added a blue purse. 

My sleeveless shell is identical to my jacket. Both are Chico's, so it's not surprising that the colors match. A quick tip for you: If you stay with a line of clothing, you can often match the chosen color perfectly.
My earrings and necklace have a number of shades of b…

The Perfect Summer Pant

The Perfect Summer Pant
When you think summer pants, do you think white linen? Linen is cool for summer, but I find that I can't handle the wrinkles. 
If I wear linen, it's a linen blend. I prefer cotton. It's breathable and easy to maintain.
And I love color but when I looked through my closet recently, I found that most of my summer pants are white, black and tan with, perhaps, a navy in the mix. I rarely buy colored slacks for summer because usually the reds, yellows, oranges, and blues are jeans, and that's too hot for Florida summers. 
Recently, I found the perfect summer pant in a rich color. They are from Chico's and are a great shade called Malibu Punch. These pants work for me: They are a cotton blend with a bit of spandex. The material is soft and comfortable. The length is crop style, perfect for sandals.  They are on sale at Chicos. You can see them here.
And here's my outfit I created with my new pants: 

Whenever I wear a color with punch to it, I try t…

Black and White Simple

Black and White Simple
Memorial Day weekend is here, and most of you may be thinking red, white, and blue. There's no doubt that I love our country's colors, but sometimes I like to keep it simple. Today's post is about wearing black and white as a simple wardrobe choice. 
My first outfit is black jeans, white tank, white cardi and my favorite white sandals. 

I chose to keep my accessories simple. I'm wearing a statement bracelet but small pearl earrings. No statement necklace because I wanted the bracelet to have the spotlight.

Sometimes I like to toss on a white T shirt with black jeans for running errands. I like to use a black and white purse. Here's a note: When you wear a purse crossed over your frame, it's more casual. If you wear it off the shoulder, it's a more sophisticated look. 

Barb and I enjoy working with black and white when we are creating scarf wraps and kimonos. Here's one of my favorites:

You can see this kimono at our site, Daisy Street B…