Outfit of the Day

Outfit of the Day
With all the weather changes, it's fun to imagine that spring has arrived and summer is on its tail. I love to dress casual during the warm months, but sometimes I want to have a slight dressy appearance.
One of my favorite classic combinations is white and tan. I find it to be a clean look with a warm tone. When I combine the shades, I usually add accessories that are warm in tone, as well.

This outfit begins with a white cardi and white cotton slacks I bought from Cali and York. The cardi drapes in an asymmetrical line, which always makes us look taller and thinner. The slacks are loose and flowing, so I know I will be cool when warm weather arrives.  
The tan sleeveless tank is Chico's. I rarely wear it unless I'm wearing white or black. Simply, tan is not my best color. I look better in cool tones. Here's a hint. You can still wear those less pleasing shades, if you keep a more appealing color near your face. For me, it's white.
Accessories are …

Violet, the New Spring Trend

Violet, the New Spring Trend
I love jewel tones, so I was excited to learn that one of the new spring trends is violet. Violet is a lovely color that complements blues, reds, greens, and of course black and white.
It didn't take me long to start searching for a new spring top I could wear all year long. I discovered that Covered Perfectly has a rich shade of violet in their women's clothing line. 
When myFit And Flare Top arrived, I smiled. The violet was exactly what I expected, and I loved the new V-neck style, perfect for statement jewelry.
The slimming effect was evident the minute I slipped on the top. Because it flares out, I was confident I would feel comfortable wearing jeans, jeggings, leggings, as well as my dress slacks. No worry  with bulges showing or bumps created by bulky jeans. This top is going to be my go-to pick for a casual day or an evening out on the town.
Not only is the top attractive, the Micro-Modal fabric is really comfortable. It's a silky fabric t…

It's All About the Accessories

It's All About Accessories
I've been busy the past couple of weeks with appointments, car hunting, and reworking my website. It seems that I don't have the time to really work on creating outfits, something I love to do.
I've learned that when you have to run out the door, the best outfit is the one you put together with the help of accessories. But what kind of accessories can up your game? I rely on jewelry, vests, scarves, belts, purses, shoes, and hats.
In the picture above, I had on a plain black top and white pants. I decided to add a belt, statement necklace, scarf vest, and a hat. It changed the look completely.

Sometimes a change up can be subtle. It's hard to see in this photo, but all I did to my striped top and white capris is add a gold necklace and gold trimmed sandals that match my top. Nothing major, but it made the outfit cohesive.

Never underestimate the power of a great purse. I started with simple navy/white pants, white tank, and a white cardi. I …

Kicking Sugar to the Curb

Kicking Sugar to the Curb
It's been 4 weeks since I decided to give up sugar. I don't mean just table sugar, but any processed food with sugar.
I gave up white bread, white pasta, white rice, white flour, white potatoes, and of course, cane sugar. I no longer use artificial sweeteners either.
It was tough at first. I had a headache for three days, which shows that sugar had me in its grip.
What did I do differently? I started eating sprouted grain bread instead of white bread, riced cauliflower and brown rice to take the place of white rice, and spiraled zucchini for my pasta. Instead of white potatoes, I have sweet potato on occasion.
When I bake now, I use almond flour, coconut flour, and flaxseed meal. The results are awesome muffins, breads, and cobblers.

I gave up my diet coke, as well, and switched to only drinks that have Stevia for a sweetener, and I drink lots of water. I also have wonderful all day sippers made with Baobab powder or cider vinegar.

The Baobab powder is a s…

The Power of Jewelry

The Power of Jewelry
Whether I'm going out to dinner or running to the store for groceries, I always remember to add a necklace, earrings, or bracelet.
It's amazing how often people will focus on a necklace and begin a conversation. I've discovered this while at the deli in Publix grocery store or checking out at Walmart. Jewelry is such a great accessory and conversation starter.
Recently, I was at a Trim Happy Mama meeting and a lady complemented me on my necklace. I told her I purchased it at Beall's clothing and loved how it popped with even my tees. She admired it, but said she never takes the time to wear jewelry. It was sad because she had on a lovely top that would have shone with a  necklace of the same color.
I'm so convinced that jewelry is a powerhouse that I convinced my sister to add more of her hand made pieces to Daisy Street Boutique. Below are a few of her necklaces:

Coral Necklace

Ice Blue Necklace

Red Heart

It's amazing what a simple necklace can do…

Trim Healthy Mama Part II

Trim Healthy Mama Part II
The journey continues on my new eating plan with a trip to Hudson, Florida where my friend, Gail, and I went to a Trim Healthy Mama meeting. It was at the meeting that we met some terrific ladies.
We learned so much about the program and tasted some yummy food. I felt guilty eating desserts, snacks, chili, and flavorful drinks, but they were all made without sugar.
I'm not sure what I liked the best. We had chicken chili, payday candy, hubby loving chicken, crackers and dip, chocolate cake, and salted caramel cupcakes! Doesn't sound like dieting, does it?
We heard testimonies of people who turned to the eating lifestyle after the frustration of yo-yo dieting, and learned more about what to eat and when to eat.
Protein is the base of your eating. When you sit down to a meal, the first question is "Where is the protein?" And the protein is wonderfully delicious like the spicy drumsticks I fixed a few nights ago.

Another important factor is to eat …

Trim Healthy Mama

Trim Healthy Mama
I've been busy this past week learning about a new eating plan. My neighbor gave me a book to look at, and I must say, I was so impressed that I ordered it through Amazon.
Once it arrived, I began to tab pages. Yes, it's a cookbook, but it's also an eating plan for life. The book is Trim Healthy Table written by two sisters, Pearl Barrett & Serene Allison. This is actually the newest cookbook and the most recent book since 2014. They also have another cookbook and a plan book.

The concept is that our bodies need different fuels. Protein is important, as well as fats and carbs. The key is avoid eating carbs and fats together.
The S meals are protein and fat based with non starchy veggies. The E meals are protein and carb based with low amounts of fat.
Let me give you an example: For breakfast, you may decide to have eggs and bacon. This is an S meal because you're not adding toast.
For lunch, you may decide to have a sandwich with deli turkey. This i…